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Sale BEE Assessment and Strategies R1,200.00R890.00
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BEE Assessment and Strategies

21 Jul 2017 / No Comments

Various assessments need to be done to effectively point out the organizational needs, our assessments range from: Business growth analysis, Skills Audit and Training Needs Analysis, B-BBEE assessment and report.

R1,200.00 R890.00
Training Made Simple
Sale B-BBEE Consulting R2,500.00R2,000.00
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B-BBEE Consulting

21 Jul 2017 / No Comments

Administrative support, Strategic planning and implementation. This service is based on understanding where our clients are currently and where they aim to be. Analyzing our clients strategic growth and aligning BBBEE targets and transformation to that growth path. Also assisting our clients in the implementation of the B-BBEE strategy and liaising with verification agencies to understand their means of verification. Ranging in expertise from Ownership , Management Control, Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier Development and Socio-Economic Development.

R2,500.00 R2,000.00
Training Made Simple
Skills Development R8,000.00
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Skills Development

19 Jul 2017 / No Comments

This service aims to assist organizations into Submitting Workplace Skills Plans and Annual Training Reports, applications for discretionary grant funding. We assist organizations in effectively planning for Skills Development by assessing where the organizational needs are and aligning it to sector specific training needs to maximize the return on investment through Discretionary grant funding.


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